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Choose Rand Rescue to Administer South African Financial Instruments

South Africa is a beautiful country with a long and storied culture.  However, political and other troubles these past several decades have resulted in a great many of their citizens being disbursed all over the world.  Many of these people have had serious issues trying to access and transfer their funds and assets out of South Africa, due to their overly onerous regulatory environment.
That’s where Rand Rescue comes in; we help South African expatriates access their rands from their new homes.  We work with the taxation authorities, the banks, and the government to open blocked accounts and disburse funds.  Rand Rescue is the right choice to make for assistance in this regard for three reasons:

Knowledge – Rand Rescue stays on top of all changes to pertinent laws and regulations involved in this area, making them true experts on the requirements.
Experience – Those behind Rand Rescue have decades of experience within the banking industry, meaning they know exactly how the system operates, and they can use this knowledge for your benefit.
Reputation – A quick trip to the Rand Rescue website will show dozens of testimonials from satisfied clients that they were able to reunite with their assets.
So if you have investments in South Africa and are trying to move them abroad, contact Rand Rescue for help today.


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What Client’s Say

“Thank you very much for your assistance and efficiency. This process was easier than anticipated, largely due to your efforts. You are an asset to your company.”.
Mr Jonathan Fry ,
I would like to thank you and your team for  your help, your commitment, determination and above all your professionalism – not sure how you did it, but well done! As it turns out I would never have been able to do all the running around etc as you have done, particularly from living in the UK. I look forward to hearing your next instalment!! If you are ever in the Uk come to the Cotswolds and visit us , it is lovely here. Once again many thanks.
Mr D Whitehead,
“It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I will certainly recommend Rand ReUnite to any people I can over here.  Your help and patience has been much appreciated.”.
Dr Brünhildé Fourie ,
“Thank you so much for everything. What a great job you did, I really appreciate it”.
Mr Graham Solecki ,
Thank you and your whole team for your assistance, all of you have been helpful and professional at all times. I appreciate it greatly that you picked up on these policies that could be salvaged, other consultants did not do so, they merely stated that nothing could be done about the Annuity.
Dr A & Mrs R Barclay,
Thank you for your email. I checked and yes, the money has been transferred. This is fantastic and could not have been done without the efforts of you and your staff. The collection of all the paperwork was quite daunting for us and I have been very pleased and encouraged by the regular feedback and support we had, particularly from Kellie Smith in SA.  Kellie kept us up to date with developments and  helped to fill-in many of the documents which I signed and partially filled in. Rudy, I have been very impressed with the efficient and professional way you and your staff have dealt with all the problems. We wish you and your company all the best in the future.
Mr A & Mrs J Wehman,
Good news – the funds are finally in my account! Thank you & the team at Rand Rescue.
Ms A Smith,
Thank you very much for your service. It has been a long haul but the process, hitches, delays have been dealt with efficiently, consistently and effectively. Much appreciated as it has been a whole lot less stressful than I imagined it would be.
Mrs C Dunye,
I would like to thank you for all your great help, always answering our emails and questions, we have already recommended you many times to our friends.
Dennis Unger,
Thank you for all the assistance over the past few months & I most certainly will refer you (and already have) to the many other SA’s living here.
Merwyn Wood,
Thanks so much for all your assistance. I will gladly promote you with my clients and friends.
Marlene & Glenn Prentice,
I was very pleased with your service and will tell my friends should they be able to make use of your services
Mr JJ Jansen,